Advanced thermal solutions for the industry

Chromalox is a technology company that is delivering heating and temperature management solutions for customers in energy and industrial segments. It provides advanced thermal technologies engineered for the world’s toughest industrial heating applications

Company SPIT d.o.o. is a distributor of Chromalox for Slovenia and Croatia. We offer product supply, installation, maintenance, consulting and engineering services. 

Industrial Heaters & Systems

  • Delivers process heating solutions for mission-critical industrial processes
  • Products include heat transfer systems, boilers, and a range of process heating equipment, including circulation heaters, immersion heaters, tank heaters, air heaters, and control systems
  • Provides engineering and site services, unlike most competitors
  • #1 U.S., #1 Global

Component Heating Solutions

  • Delivers component heating solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers
  • Products include heating elements such as tubular, strip, ring, band, nozzle, cartridge, and flexible heaters as well as temperature controls, power controls, and temperature sensors
  • Provides the technological foundation for more complex industrial heaters and systems
  • #2 U.S., #3 Global

Heat Trace

  • Delivers temperature management solutions for piping, valves, and tanks
  • Products include a range of heat trace cables (self-regulating, mineral insulated, and constant wattage) and control / sensor systems for deicing, frost prevention, and hot water maintenance
  • Provides project management, engineering, and site services
  • #4 Global