Specialised in structural design

The company SPIT d.o.o. Nova Gorica was founded in 1989 as a private family company with the goal to offer wide and complete solutions in the field of infrastructural projects and complex engineering structures on the market, where technical knowledge and experience are a guarantee for quality service.

In the beginning we were focused on the structural design of roads, bridges, bridges, viaducts, retaining and supporting structures. Later on, we expanded our activities into the structural design of sewage and potable water networks and communal water treatment plants. Furthermore, we were involved also in designing complex industrial structures and civil buildings for private and public investors.

We are present internationally, mostly in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedoina, Romania, Bolgaria, Russia and Kazakhstan, but we are working on expanding our structural design activities to other world markets as well.

In addition, we are expanding our business activites to distribution of innovative and high-quality products that can disrupt our local construction and energy markets

SPIT engineering structural design


SPIT d.o.o. Nova Gorica is a cofounder of Slogradnje group.

We developed modular and flexible kinder-garden called Chameleon which can be fitted into any existing environment (location/climate/culture) and perfectly adjusted to all investor’s needs.

It is made from materials of excellent quality and uses the latest technology to ensure low maintenance costs and significant energy savings.

By choosing Chameleon, delivery time is significantly shortened; as a result more money. energy and time can be saved.


SPIT d.o.o. Nova Gorica is a cofounder of Proventus team.

PROVENTUS team has more than 100 employees among which are more than 60 engineers who offer designs, revisions, supervisions, technical consulting and engineering for the entire projects for road, motorway and railway sections as well as for all types of buildings and technological structures across the world.

The purpose of PROVENTUS team is to offer investors every possible service under one roof and help them bring an idea to realization as quickly as possible with the highest quality of services.


SPIT d.o.o. Nova Gorica is an exclusive distributor for Slovenia and Croatia.

3Thermo is a concealed hybrid radiator that transforms external wall into an active thermal barrier. It offers the cheapest, safest, cleanest and most efficient heating on the market today.

3Thermo radiator exchanges the heat between hot water and gas. The hot water runs through the water collector that is located on the bottom of the radiator. When the water comes into the contact with the gas from the cores, the gas immidiately reacts and vertically transmits the heat from the water to the cores, mesh and the wall.


SPIT d.o.o. Nova Gorica is a distributor for Slovenia and Croatia.

Chromalox develops advanced thermal technologies for industrial use which includes IH&S (Industrial heaters and systems), HT (Heat Trace cables) and CT (component technology)


2010, Gazela award for one of the fastest growing businesses in Slovenia

Featured in business magazine Finance as successful SME company

The award of the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers for Miran Lozej for civil engineering work in field of steel structures and reinforced concrete engineering works on the railways and roads and construction of high buildings.

Award for the best steel structure built in Slovenia in 2002 and 2003 – steel structure for TKB Block as a part of new shopping center – Chamber of Commerce Association for the metal industry (Slovenian Chamber of Commerce), April 2003.

Award of the European Association of Metal Industry ECCS-CECMA EKS – for the best steel structure built in 2003, Lucerne (Switzerland), September 2003.

European award for best architecture for modular kinder-garden Chameleon, Slogradnje Group

Special Jury Award for technical achievement in the use of steel in building constructions for Butchers’ Bridge in Ljubljana, the Association of steel structures, June 2011.